Development Process

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1. Every Monday at 1:30pm, 4th Floor of City Hall.
2. Walk-in process, no appointment needed.
3. Propose project and receive initial feedback. Staff highly recommends attending One Stop Shop before signing a lease or purchasing property.

1. A Zoning Certificate is required if a property has been vacant for more than 12 months or if there will be any change of use.
2. Site Plan Review Board
3. In circumstances where a Special Use would need to be obtained, applicants need to apply to the Planning & Zoning Commission. Please contact 309-494-8600 for details.

1. Stamped building plans required for any and all interior or exterior work.
2. Commercial Building Permit
Separate HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical permits will also need to be pulled by subcontractors.
3. Permit will be issued once all zoning, building, and fire department approvals have been received.

1. Inspection of work throughout construction process.
2. Please contact your inspector with at least 24 hours’ notice to schedule your inspections.

1. Certificate of Occupancy
2. If needed, a certificate of occupancy will be issued upon approval by all related city parties of completed work.

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