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Creative financing is used when conventional bank loans doesn’t work, or can’t meet the total funding requirements.  Financing instruments are available through public and not-for-profit organizations to fill a financing gap, and typically come in the form of:  low interest loans, tax benefits. expense reimbursement, and grants.

Putting together a financing package is like putting together a puzzle.  Each piece should fit into the whole picture to optimize the project’s success.  The goal is to provide financing that is accessible (eligible uses), affordable (at low-cost), timely (when needed), and with minimal restrictions (flexible terms).  Attached are two documents that list Creative Financing Tools offered through the City and others.

Creative Financing Programs – 190415

Small Business & Micro Loans – 190416

Key Benefits of Creative Financing:

  • Lower Interest Rates. .  that result in cash savings
  • Lower Down Payment . . to preserve equity and build initial cash reserve
  • Longer Term Loans . .  to reduce monthly payments manage cash flow
  • Flexible Structure  . .  to adapt terms of loan to facilitate bank lending

Please contact Cesar Suarez 309-494-8645 or to receive a review of what may be available to fund your project.

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